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Chester – Coach Tours 

Chester is the best preserved walled city in England. The city walls, extending to about two kilometres in circumference, and the black-and-white buildings it encloses, offer attractive sights, and constitute the main charm of the city. The footpath over the walls, with bridges above the roads, offers an interesting experience.  
Many of the mediaeval monuments in town have undergone restorations, during the Victorian era. The Chester castle, with its Agricola tower, the town hall and cathedral, Phoenix Tower, Morgan’s Mount, the Guildhall, St. Michael’s Church, the Goblin Tower, the Bonewaldesthorne’s Tower with a spur leading to the Water Tower, Thimbleby’s Tower, and Eastgate tower with its Clock, are the most popular buildings and landmarks within the old town. The Rows, a series of buildings with shops or dwellings, offers a unique architectural style. The ruins of the Roman amphitheatre, and the accompanying gardens are interesting attractions, outside the city walls. 
The most popular museum in Chester is the Grosvernor museum of natural history, and art.  
The modern city has several green spots, the most notable among them being Grosvernor Park, Tatton Park, and Edgar’s Field. The Chester Zoo also attracts significant crowds. The Ness Botanic gardens, with its water gardens, stand out for its striking beauty. 
The Chester racecourse is one of the most popular racecourses in the country, and an oft visited destination, not just for races, but also for concerts, and other events.  
It requires reliable transportation, to visit the attractions of the region. Trying to depend on public transportation is time consuming, and would result in missing out on a good share of attractions, even without considering the inconvenience it would cause the group.  
Only a coach tour would do justice, to visit Chester, and surrounding areas, and you would be doing your group a favour, if you opt for our Chester minibus hire services. We are the leading operators in this space, having an established presence in the region, and enjoying very popular ratings, and testimonials, with our customers. 
We have a large fleet size, and no matter how large or small your group is, we have vehicles that is suitable for you. Our fleet consists of Volvos of varying configurations, Ivecos coaches, Mercedes 16 seater minibus, and Ford Transit minibus, all widely accepted as the best models on offer. All our vehicles come with air conditioning, music systems, DVD player, ample luggage space, ample leg space, and more. You can approach our customer support team, and ensure optional add-ons, such as a cooler kit.  
We never compromise on your safety. All our vehicles are advanced and modern, and come with various safety features in-built. Individual seat belts, and power doors are some of the visible safety features, but our coaches also offer other safety features, under the hood, to give drivers greater control over the vehicles. We also make it a point to maintain and repair our vehicles well, to the extent of servicing the vehicles at their scheduled intervals, conducting pre-departure check on essentials, and more. We never cut corners, as we know it actually doesn’t offer any savings. For instance, we replace the tyres at the first sign of it wearing out, rather that run vehicles on poorly threaded tyres, which would only increase the chance of some mishaps. 
We focus on delivering a complete experience, over and above, simply providing a vehicle for your coach tours in Chester. Right from the moment you decide to opt for our minibus hire service, till the time you conclude your trip, you are assured of easy, seamless, and hassle-free interactions, prompt attention, superior coaches, and dedicated service. We make sure all our processes are oriented to serve the customer better, and make things easy for them. We offer utmost flexibility, with the freedom to choose your itinerary, make changes, opt for add-ons, and do whatever you require.  
We draw our strength from the commitment and dedication of our workforce. Our customer support team works round the clock, and promptly attends to any queries, requests, or concerns you may have. They coordinate the trip, and do all the background tasks, as required. Our drivers are not just skilled in driving, but are resourceful individuals, who know what exactly to do, in any given situation. They also know the local area well, and can double up as valuable guides, and resource persons. 
Our minibus hire in Chester comes at the lowest rates in the region, even as we offer maximum value. 
Book our Chester minibus hire for a memorable coach tour. Contact our customer support team, for a custom quote, or simply fill up the online booking form. We operate from all places in CH postcode area.